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Shining Brightly®: A memoir of resilience and hope by a two-time cancer survivor, Silicon Valley entrepreneur and interfaith peacemaker

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Available at Barnes & Noble—Hardcover and Paperback

Book Summary

In Shining Brightly®, Silicon Valley pioneer, cancer survivor and interfaith peacemaker Howard Brown shares keys to resilience for successful entrepreneurs, patient advocates and community leaders. He shows us how to reach out through our families, our communities and around the world to form truly supportive connections and friendships. From Howard's career as a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, to his conquering metastatic stage IV cancer twice, to his compassionate outreach as a peacemaker, to his love of sports—this ultimately is not one man's story. Shining Brightly® is a story shared by countless men and women—and may wind up changing your life as well. With each true story he tells in the pages, Howard invites readers to picture how they might join him in shining more light in our world.

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Winner of a September 2022 International Impact Book Award in the Inspirational category

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Praise for Shining Brightly®

Howard Brown—like one of his mentors, Roger Babson—is truly an “angelic troublemaker” in this work. He seeks to have us face our lives with complete clarity and kindness. Much good can be gained from reading Shining Brightly®.

From the Foreword by Robert J. Wicks, author of Bounce: Living the Resilient Life

Howard is a wonderful example of a most worthy descendant of Abraham, showing genuine care and hospitality, serving the well-being of his community and other communities, connecting these to one another in mutual respect and bringing blessing to humanity at large.

From the Afterword by Rabbi David Rosen, International Director of Interreligious Affairs of the American Jewish Committee

As a mentor in our American Association for Cancer Research Scientist-Survivor Program, Howard motivates everyone to build mutually beneficial relationships that educate, inspire and ultimately heal. Shining Brightly® offers a compelling landscape of possibilities for cancer patients, survivors and indeed anyone who wants to become their best self!

Anna D. Barker, Co-Founder, AACR Scientist-Survivor Program

Shining Brightly® is Howard's testament to the transformative power of mentorship. Howard exemplifies the efforts our mentors make to transform the lives of youth, and how in some special cases they go above and beyond and become family for life.

Cari Uslan, CEO of Jewish Big Brothers Big Sisters of Los Angeles

Shining Brightly® is a testimony to storytelling as the most effective way to teach and learn. Howard Brown shares a triumphant journey of overcoming challenges and creating a better world.

Stephen Spinelli, Jr., President of Babson College

“Together we can shape history.” That's a core belief that animates longtime interfaith bridge-builder par excellence, Howard Brown. The global challenges are so profound that we need all hands-on deck. Shining Brightly®, shows how one person, despite facing life-threatening challenges, can help to heal our troubled world by reaching out to other communities at home and abroad. That makes this book such timely and valuable reading.

David Harris, CEO of the American Jewish Committee

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